Trandoshans Soldier



Level 1 Trandoshan Soldier
Representing Geo

Strength      15     (+2)
Dexterity     13     (+1)
Constitution  14     (+2)
Intelligence  12     (+1)
Wisdom        10     (+0)
Charisma      8      (-1)
Size:         Medium
Height:       2.1 meters
Weight:       140 kg
Skin:         Green
Eyes:         Red
Hair:         None

Vitality Points:     12
Wound Points:        14

Speed:	      10 meters / round

Defense:      15 = 10 + 3 [base] +1 [dexterity] +1 [trandoshan]

AC:           15     (14)

Initiative modifier:	+1	= +1 [dexterity]
Fortitude save:         +4	= 2 [base] +2 [constitution]
Reflex save:            +1	= 0 [base] +1 [dexterity]
Will save:              +0	= 0 [base]
Attack (handheld):	+3	= 1 [base] +2 [strength]
Attack (unarmed):	+3	= 1 [base] +2 [strength]
Attack (missile):	+2	= 1 [base] +1 [dexterity]
Grapple check:          +3	= 1 [base] +2 [strength]

Light load:		33 kg. or less
Medium load:		34-67 kg.
Heavy load:		68-100 kg
Lift over head:		100 kg
Lift off ground:	200 kg
Push or drag:		500 kg

Languages:              Basic, Dosh

Reputation:             0

Force Points:           1
Dark Side Points:       0
Blaster Pistols	
Blaster Rifles	
Heavy Weapons	
Simple Weapons	
Vibro Weapons	
Armor Proficiency -- light	
Two Weapon Fighting
Appraise:          1
Astrogate:         5
Balance:           1
Bluff:            -1
Climb:             2
Computer Use:      3
Diplomacy:        -1
Disguise:         -1
Entertain:        -1
Escape Artist:     1
Forgery:           1
Gamble:            0
Gather Info.:     -1
Hide:              1
Intimidate:        3
Jump:              2
Listen:            0
Move Silently:     1
Pilot:             5
Repair:            3
Ride:              1
Search:            1
Sense Motive:      0
Spot:              0
Survival:          0
Swim:              2
Treat Injury:      4
Vibro Blade (x2)
Sporting Blaster
Medical Kit
Powerpack (x5)

Total weight: 5.8 kg
Dosh left: 50

Born and raised on Dosha for the majority of his life, Bossk is not new to war. War was Bossk’s adoptive parent in a sense, teaching him everything he needed to know on how to survive. A deep hatred for Wookies burned within him as any and all friends he had made were killed by the furry menace, this was until a group of Bossk’s allies turned on Bossk. Fearing for his life, Bossk took a Wookie hostage and prepared to depart using the Wookie’s ship to head to some planet far, far away. Just before his departure, the group of Trandoshans caught up to Bossk and began to open fire. Outnumbered, Bossk was ready to just stand up and die like a man, he freed the Wookie and handed it his blaster rifle then began to stand but was taken by surprise as the Wookie let out a war cry and started taking down the Trandoshans one by one with expert precision. After the last of the foes fell, the Wookie handed back the blaster and motioned for Bossk to get on the ship.

The Wookie was a close friend of a local jedi who was leaving Dosha that day as well. The three traveled together for a couple months before finally parting ways on (whatever planet we’ll be on). A new life was to begin now, one that will hopefully lead to friendship, and having a feeling of worth. Though Bossk’s Trandoshan blood still makes him easily angered and hard to get along with, he feels he needs to pay back the good deed of the Wookie by helping people in any way he can.


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