Aved Luun

A Jawa that's just looking for a new home.


Aved Luun
Jawa Tech Specialist level 1

Str 12 +1
Dex 15 +2
Con 12 +1
Int 16 +3
Wis 10 +0
Chr 8 -1
Vitality 7
Wounds 12
Defense 15 = 10 + 2 + 2 + 1
Init +2
Melee 2 +0 +1 +1
Ranged 3 +0 +2 +1
Grapple 2 +1
Fortitude 1 +1
Reflex 3 +1 +2
Will 1 +1

Appraise 4
Demolition 4
Astrogate 4
Diplomacy -1
Balance 2
Disable Device 4
Bluff -1
Disguise -1
Climb 1
Entertain -1
Computer Use 6
Escape Artist 2
Craft 4 Blaster Pistol & Rifle
Forgery 3
Craft 4 Droid
Gamble 0
Craft 4 Medpac
Gather Info -1
Hide 6
Handle Animal -1
Intimidate -1
Jump 1
Knowledge 5 Biology
Knowledge 5 Technology
Knowledge 5 Medicine
Knowledge 5 Chemistry
Listen 0
Move Silently 2
Pilot 3
Profession 2 Mechanic
Repair 6
Ride 2
Search 4
Sense Motive 0
Sleight 2
Spot 0
Survival 2
Swim 1
Treat Injury 6
Tumble 2

Knife, Sporting Blaster Pistol, Ion Pistol, Tool Kit, Medical Kit, Fusion Lantern,
Field Pack, Crafting Tools, Power Packs x 5, 350 credits

Weapon Prof: Simple
Weapon Prof: Blaster Pistol
Skill Emphasis: Treat Injury
Speak: Jawa, Jawa Trade Language, Basic, Huttese
Read/Write: Jawa, Jawa Trade Language, Basic, Huttese
Glowing Eyes

Age 20
Skin: Secret
Eyes: Amber
Hair: Secret
1m Tall
35 kgs
Right Handed


Aved Juun was just another Jawa. Living among his clan aboard a Sandcrawler. Learning, as was the way of the Jawa to repair this and that. Fixing droids for resale, keeping the systems of the Sandcrawler operational and dreaming of finding the mother load! A giant refractor crystal hidden in the ruins buried in the sands of Tatooine. But, that was just a child’s dream. Aved took interest in the work of his Uncle, the most talented healer in his clan. Learning a good deal of the art. Sadly the healing skills of a Jawa are only accepted among other Jawas. Few other species seem willing to accept such aid. Even people lost in the deeper deserts of Tatoonie are less thankful for the aid. A true shame.

Aved Luun has been on his for a few short years now. His whole clan lost to a Tusken Raider attack of the most unusual sort. Normally using only simple blaster rifles and gaffi sticks these Tusken were armed heavy weapons and deadly accuracy. He tried to mend the broken bodies as best he could but it impossible. His only option was to survive. He did so by hiding among the dead. After it was over there seemed to be little of value left. All the droids taken, only a few weapons left, he gathered what he could and walked into the desert… in shock for days.

Now he spends his days just surviving. Doing mechanic work where he can get it, practicing speaking these difficult words. Waiting for something new. Something to happen..

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Aved Luun

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